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Love on hold

If it doesn’t work out as planned and despite feeling a sparkle and butterflies in your stomach, you need to put some distance due to professional reasons, being open is very important.

Sometimes waiting leads to success.

Life does not always play by our rules. Even if nights are lonely and the days are bleak because you are missing the right partner, a new love doesn’t make life stop. Routine continues, family, friends and in some cases children, will require the same amount of attention. This is also true when it comes to work and commitments already made.

On-call duty

When love comes, it can happen that you are so committed to something else that it does not really fit as there is no time to get to know each other and date. Especially self-employed and freelancers could tell you a thing or two about it, they work more than someone who is “employed”, rarely allow themselves free time – but above all they are always on duty.

Next date in two months?

But what to do? You do not want to throw away the chance of love. And if you are exchanging e-mails with prince charming or maybe the woman of your life, it is difficult to say “sorry but a next date is possible in 2 months”. However, sometimes you cannot avoid delaying a more intense dating experience.

The date-partner

Especially when the exchange with someone is so promising or on the first date there were sparks already, it is rather unexpected to say that the next date is possible in a couple of weeks due to work reasons. In such a situation, you have to try not to take it personally; you should appreciate the honesty from the other person and assume it is not an excuse and that there is interest on both parts. In the following weeks you will know where you stand as if he or she is really interested in you, even if they are away on business they will want to stay in touch. Remain optimist and patient and try to enjoy the bittersweet of yearning for someone. One thing is clear; if your new partner turns out to be self-employed, then it will be easier to get used to such situations.

The busy part

If you are the one delaying the “getting to know each other” part, you have to be especially sensitive. Just imagine how you would feel in that situation; wild theories of conspiracy and rejection would haunt you and of course you would ask yourself if the other person is serious about you two. Therefore, be as open and honest as possible and explain your situation! You can show how serious you are by staying in touch in the weeks before the next date. Nowadays no one gets swallowed by earth just because they are away or busy. And if you have the possibility to cancel this or that appointment do it, such a gesture will always come well. You cannot plan love, but you always have to count on it.

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