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How relevant are looks when dating?

The big question, "What should I wear?” brings and absurd amount of concern.

With or without glasses, it does not matter - © fotolia

Many people ask themselves the same questions before a date; What should I wear? How should I act? Glasses or contact lenses? Cleavage or buttoned? Granted, first impressions count. Nevertheless, it is not critical if the first impression is good, but more importantly to give your counterpart a realistic idea of who you are.

There is a saying that says “less is more”. But those who by nature are eccentric, colorful or diverse should probably not take it literally.

What is a first date about?

If you have met on the Internet, you have just seen a digital version of the person. The matching points were correct, the image was appealing and also the first messages or phone call were uncomplicated enjoyable. And that is the foundation to build upon.
The aim is not to immediately give the other a complete picture of yourself. The aim is to get to know each other, to obtain a glimpse of what comes later. First impressions count, but this is highlighted mainly by the authenticity of ones actions.

The biggest mistake when preparing for a date.

The excitement and the desire to make a good impression and be liked are part of this. But here the boundaries become blurry, because while some people are just trying to show their best side, others begin to wonder what does the other person expects. Beauty ideals will now be consulted and the profile of the potential partner will be closely analyzed. The need to come as close as possible to the ideal of the other person, often leads to completely absurd ideas. For example; do you wear glasses? Do you usually feel comfortable with them? Then wear them on the date. Do you also have contact lenses at home and wear them from time to time? Then wear them. But do not buy contact lenses because you have heard that glasses are not sexy.

What is really worth considering?

Much more relevant than looks are ultimately conversation topics. Come up with a few questions that can be used in order to break the silence. Sometimes is the lack of words the reason for anxiety than the lack of attraction between each other. Think of keywords from the profile of your partner and think about what really interested you about the other.
You might then realize that looks are overrated. If you like yourself when you leave your house, chances are the other person will like you too. And if he does not like you, then it is not related to a lack of fashion sense or how trendy your hairstyle is. And if it does have to do with that, you can be glad that you have discovered this superficiality of the other so quickly. You have saved yourself a lot of grief. The more true you remain to yourself, the sooner you will find someone who suits you - just as you are.

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