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The world of Parship

The world of Parship

Parship is the online dating service that is serious about relationships. It was first launched in 2001 and since then has brought together tens of thousands of couples around Europe. The service has played a major role in making online dating a mainstream activity for single people: it is estimated than one in six UK marriages is now the result of an initial online encounter.

In this section of Parship’s online magazine you will find some further insights into the world of online dating and the role it plays in helping single men and single women find the relationship they want.

Going online to find love

Online dating: now a preferred option if you want to find love? The Internet really has changed the way we now look for a relationship. Recent reports state that one marriage in six has its origins in an initial contact via the Internet.  more

More than a dating site - a relationship site

There are dating websites to cater for the wide variety of expectations among single people. For anyone looking for something serious and long term, there are services which can justifiably call themselves relationship sites.  more

Professional dating

Reports indicate that one in six marriages now results from an initial encounter online. Amidst the growing demand for dating services in general, there is a substantial niche for professional dating. Dozens of reputable dating services cater for all segments of the single population, but which one is right for you as a professional person?  more

The service for singles who are looking for a serious relationship

Today in the UK, seven million singles – that’s 50% of all single people who are looking for a relationship – are ready to go on the Internet to find love. They are faced by a huge choice of online dating services. How do they make a decision?  more

Finding a Christian dating service

In the UK today, seven million single people of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs are ready to go on the Internet to find a relationship. In total, there are some six million practising Christians in the UK, so, proportionately, that means that around 800,000 single people would especially appreciate a Christian dating service.  more

The world of Parship

If you’re the kind of person who expects more out of life and a relationship, then Parship is the dating service for you. Parship is for genuine, single people who are seeking a long-term relationship: it has become known as a professional dating service, it is also described by many of its members as a relationship site. At the heart of Parship’s matching process is a unique compatibility test, designed to help you find someone really right for you. It’s an ideal way of finding the relationship you deserve – of finding not just anyone, but the one for you.

Parship’s in-depth compatibility test is based on more than 30 years of scientific research into relationships. The compatibility test gauges 30 aspects of your personality that play a key role in the dynamics of a relationship. Your test results, together with your search criteria and details of your activities and interests, generate your list of recommended partners - matches tailored to you and your expectations. To guide your choices, a compatibility score is clearly indicated for each person on your list.

Parship puts a substantial emphasis on a discreet service which provides you with high levels of security. It puts you very much in control and protects your privacy. To help ensure that Parship's members are genuine people in search of a serious relationship, our customer services team personally checks each member’s profile and private photos. You can place photos on your profile in the confidence that they are never open for public viewing: you choose who sees your photo -and you choose when they see your photo, since you ‘release’ your picture(s) on a one-to-one basis to the person of your choice at your chosen moment.

Parship believes in setting the standards for online dating - and, above all, in helping you find the relationship you deserve.

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The Parship principle

The Parship principle

Parship helps you find someone who really is right for you - someone to build a future with. 

The Parship principle

How it works

Parship’s matching compares 30 essential personality characteristics and recommends potential partners who balance and complement you. 

Parship Mobile

Parship Mobile

The Parship iPhone app and the mobile website allow you to connect with your highly compatible matches - even when you're on the go. 

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