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Rebecca & Will

William, a 39-year-old Group Finance Manager and Rebecca, 38 and an Investment Banker

Will & Rebecca

Rebecca was cleaning up a spilled drink when she spotted a headline in The Independent: 'Even independent singles need love'.

“I was a young, free, successful and happy individual with a busy social life and lots of plans for my future – so why did I need a dating website? Well, I can get on with most people and I’ve have had some lovely boyfriends, but I wasn't finding men who set my world on fire, or who really ‘got’ me. The idea of the online compatibility test appealed to me … Maybe I should trust a computer to tell me which bits of my varied personality mattered for long-term love.

“I signed up and started exchanging messages with five men in my area, but there was one guy who shone above the others. We arranged to meet up, but he cancelled the first date -- he wasn’t well. Feeling a little put out, I deleted his voicemail, but then we spoke on the phone and, even through his cold, he sounded sexy and promised to make it up to me when I returned from a ski trip. It was a few weeks till we could meet up again. On the night before our first date, and after hours of chatting on the phone as if we’d known each other for years, we discovered we lived just round the corner from each other! The date went like a dream. Two weeks later it was my turn to have a nasty cold, so after bringing our date to an early end, I went home to bed. The next morning there was a knock on the door and there was Will, holding a teapot and a plate of toast. Love blossomed and within months we were living together.

“Less than 18 months after our first meeting we got married on a perfect sunny day on a local beach, with a barbecue for 200 friends and family. Neither of us believed that love was supposed to be this easy, or that every up and down of life could be faced together so comfortably. All my friends have said they can't believe that a male version of me exists! Will and I are both so excited about our future together.”

“For both us, Internet dating was an experiment, a bit of a spur-of-the-moment thing,” says Will,

“but we are both so glad we gave it a try! I’m a naturally gregarious, outgoing person, but, like Bec, for some time I hadn’t met anybody who I truly 'clicked' with. The compatibility testing made sense to me. Does it work? Bec and I have slipped into each other’s lives as if we’d known each other for decades. We get on with each other’s friends and families like they are our own, and we never have a day when we can't agree on what we want to do. Getting married last year was at the same time the biggest day of our lives and just another day -- it all felt so right.”

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The Parship principle

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The Parship principle

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